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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Legislative Priorities

So, I get an email from discussing the spin put on the budget proposed by the democrats who currently control our legislative branch. I've never really been a big fan of Democrats, but the Republicans here just seem asinine.

When the Republicans were in control of congress they passed a series of tax cuts. They designed these tax cuts to expire so they could make the pill a little easier to swallow: 'look were only going to have an impact of n dollars on the federal budget, it's no big deal'. Of course, if these tax cuts were made permanent and the estimates were made with this extended time horizon, the impact on the federal budget would be substantial. So the Republicans passed their tax cuts set to expire in 2012.

I should say that I'm not particularly opposed to tax cuts. I think they should be made with spending cuts as well. However, the out of touch bureaucrats in Washington want to have their cake _and_ eat it too. It's so comforting to know that my country is living off of credit cards.

The Republicans controlled both the executive and legislative branches of our fine government for six years. In the three years following the passage of the last set of tax cuts in 2003, there was ample opportunity to pass legislation making those tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 permanent. Instead our congress had other legislative priorities. For example, in 2005 our fine government passed a law to 'save' woman who was in a persistently vegetative state from her husband. A husband who decided that after a decade in this state it was time to end his wife's life [1].

How nice of our 'Republican' government to intervene in what is a deeply personal decision that had already worked its way through our justice system. This wasn't a random course of action, it was taken because there was reliable evidence to suggest that this woman wasn't actually in a persistently vegetative state. Bill Frist, a 'renowned heart surgeon' and the Senate majority leader, had identified this misdiagnosis _by_ _watching_ _a_ _video_ _tape_.

If permanent tax cuts were really a priority to the Republicans, then they would have passed them. Instead they were busy pandering to the religious part of their base and flipping the bird to their constituents concerned civil liberties and fiscal responsibility. They have lost all credibility in this debate for the foreseeable future.




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